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Why The LoQma? Click?it

As a bridge between Europe and Asia,
in Istanbul, the meeting center of cultures; century-old LoQma...
Change is not only in the letter, but also in the taste that you can never give up :)
Thanks to its special bite dough formula, our donuts are
crispy without absorbing oil, and it reminds us of the feeling of eating the dough made by our mothers.
The loqma brand chocolates special to us are our important factor in presenting the taste.
By creating dusts of Traditional Taste, it is NEW-TINY that cannot be defined with tiny touches. We offer LoQmas…
Because; "We know your taste buds very well and we care about it.
In addition, The LoQma is the only brand that offers you the opportunity to prepare a dessert that suits your taste."

Not Just Lokma
The LoQma

Everyone who goes to Istanbul, We welcome you, our valued guests, right across the Yesilkoy Train Station. waiting for The LoQma, it's not sweet, it's finger-licking flavors traditional understanding with the spirit of entrepreneurship to create differentiating it, adapting it to the present, 'It Is There To Leave Bi'LoQma On Your Palate...'


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