About Us

Birth Of Sector

okma, which is the cultural heritage of anadolu, has been indispensable for these lands for centuries. one of its flavors. This flavor has won the appreciation of everyone from seven to seventy. We believed that this flavor would be accepted all over the world. That's why we created the international LoQma form.

Next Generation LoQma; It became synonymous with The LoQma brand and gave birth to a new sector. We are happy and proud for that. It will give sweet lovers an excellent customer experience. We created our concepts. We have done the necessary work to ensure that the taste does not change all over the world, and we took one more step towards our dreams. we are close. The LoQma says; Leave the familiar tastes aside, because we are here to change your taste buds.

Differences of The LoQma

• Non-greasy Special Dough
• Over Two Hundred LoQma Combinations
• Chocolate Only For Us
• Ice Cream Filled LoQma
• Concept Crowning Customer Experience
• Serving the Same Taste All Over the World
• LoQma Shedding with the Traditional Method
• Serving Coffee and LoQma together
• Using Full Professional Machinery And Equipment

The LoQma Franchaise

We want to deliver our brand in safe hands. While determining our commercial earnings models, our dealers, who will carry our flag, will achieve high profits. We have established models that will enable them to We are aware that acting with a short-term sense of high profit means not existing in the future. What is necessary for us to ensure stable growth; Investors who love their job, R&D activities continuity, making necessary advertisements for the brand's name to become widespread, to be provided with a price, to solve the problems with consultation without delay. We chose to expand our business by taking into account all of the items listed here.