Remarkable Taste at the Palmiye Award Ceremony Altın Palmiye Ödülü
Altın Palmiye
The 6th Turkey Golden Palm Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in Turkey in the fields of cinema, music and television, found their owners recently. The LoQma, the first and most established brand of the sector, which started the new generation donut sector in Turkey, left its mark on the night.
Most Innovative Dessert of the Year Award
Award-winning Lokma opened its doors in Ankara
Ankara'da yeni şube
The Loqma, which started its flavor adventure as a new generation donut in Istanbul Yesilkoy, is in Ankara by Bestekar. It opened its place on the street with great participation. Lokma, which is one of the important tastes of Turkish cuisine, is light and healthy with a non-greasy formula without sherbet. Golden Crown award-winning The Loqma, which is the inventor of the state of the art and started the new generation of bite movement, is located in Istanbul, Izmir and Turkey. After Bursa, it meets with taste lovers in Ankara.
The LoQma At Star News
LoQma Eating Contest
Onedio Yemek At The LoQma
If you are ready, we give you the address of the most delicious dessert of the new generation! The LoQma is the first address for those who want to eat stuffed bites with plenty of sauce and special non-greasy dough!
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